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We honor all prearrangements made at other funeral homes.


Many individuals and families today are making the decision to preplan their funerals. By planning ahead, you can be certain that your exact wishes are known and carried out. This also provides an opportunity for you to be involved in personalizing your funeral tribute.

Many people also pre-fund their arrangements in order to relieve their loved ones of the financial stress of a funeral. By using the FORETHOUGHT FUNERAL PLAN, you can pay for your funeral in advance without having to worry about the cost rising before your death.

At Odom Funeral Home, we respect your wishes for complete confidentiality and welcome the opportunity to meet with you personally, at the funeral home or in your home, to discuss your tribute options at a convenient time for you.

Also available for group presentations, call Gregory Odom at 574/842-2082 or e-mail gwo@odomfuneralhome.com to set up an appointment.

You may start planning your tribute today by filling out the pre-arrangement form below.

To maintain your privacy, as this is an unsecured site, we suggest you complete the information and print a copy that you can bring with you to the funeral home.

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