Dr. Alan Wofelt, noted grief counselor, says, "A well-planned, personalized tribute service will touch your family, the friends of the deceased, and
you yourself deeply......through memories, those who have died live on in us."
Below are some different ideas that can be used to create a more meaningful tribute service. Please call Gregory Odom at (574) 842-2082 to
discuss these or other options you may have for creating a meaningful service for you and your loved ones.
Memory Safe Drawer - Place photos, mementos, or messages of love inside
Celebration of Life Service - Customize the viewing area to reflect the deceased's life
Life Symbol Corners - Capture a personality in a loving, lasting way
Embroidered Commemorative Panels - reflect a hobby, belief, or lifestyle
Keepsake Plaques - A keepsake for your heart
Eulogy - Affirm the significance of that life for all who shared in it
Floral Displays - As unique as the person they honor
Memory Table - A place to share stories and memories
Music - Meaningful selections to the deceased or the family
Photo Collage - Photos that capture the personality and life of the deceased
Video Tribute - A video that tells a thousand words
Living Memorial - a tree seedling is planted in a national forest in memory of the deceased
Fraternal services - A special group or organizational memorial
Personalized Urns - May be engraved or appliqued to individual preferences
Balloon Release - Sending your love with that special person