Your cemetery or memorial park may require outer burial containers, as they help preserve the
property's beauty.  They also help reduce maintenance costs by supporting the weight of the
earth and of heavy equipment that may pass over the grave.
At Odom Funeral Home we recommend Wilbert burial vaults.  We feel that their value is
measured by the peace of mind the family receives from structurally sound, well-manufactured
burial vaults.
Wilbert Bronze - strongest & finest of the
Wilbert vaults.
Stainless Steel Triune - special emblems,
customized nameplate
Cameo Rose Triune - stainless steel
Pink accents & sculpted pink rose with a
customized nameplate
Bronze Triune - premium
double-reinforced vault,
special emblems,
customized nameplate,
and accent bars

Venetian - finest
single-reinforced vault,
finish simulates the rich
look of polished marble

Monticello - entry-level
single-reinforced vault
concrete exterior
Copper Triune - mid-line
double-reinforced vault
special emblems,
customized nameplate

Continental - mid-line
single-reinforced vault
concrete exterior

Salute - specially
designed selection for
the brave men & women
who have served our
country, single-reinforced
exclusive Salute Emblem
adds additional dignity.