Sharing A Life Story

At the Odom Funeral Home, we provide a home-like, caring
atmosphere for our families to celebrate the life of their loved one. We
provide personalized services that enable each individual family to plan
                           a tribute that reflects the life of their loved one.  Our
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shows a few of the options you can add to any service.  For more information, please call Greg
Odom at (574) 842-2082 to set up an appointment.
Family owned and operated for over 100 years.

Serving the regional communities of Culver, Monterey, Plymouth, Lake Latonka, Argos, Leiters Ford, Delong,
Ora, Bass Lake, Knox, and Rochester
Have you ever wondered how we got started?  Here is a little bit of the history of the business for you....

The Easterday Funeral Home was established at Culver November 1, 1893 by William S. "Sam" Easterday.  At that time it was located in a frame building
which housed the funeral home and the Easterday Furniture Store. The elegant writing on the windows, "Easterday's Furniture and Undertaker" let the town
folks know he was open for business.
The July 4, 1907, issue of the Culver Citizen told of Sam's son experimenting as an undertaker with his yellow dog.  Chester Easterday made a successful
demonstration of the science of embalming in preserving a pet dog which turned up his toes the other day. A very lifelike result has been produced. The animal
has been posed in the position of lying on his forepaws with his eyes turned sleepily up at the passerby. The body can be kept any number of years.  
A horse-drawn hearse was purchased in 1911. When Sam became the owner of the hearse, he told the people that it was such a good vehicle it would last him
as long as he was in business. After 15 years, the automobile forced him into retirement.  The furniture store was in operation in conjunction with the funeral
home until 1923. At that time the mortuary was moved to a modern brick building at 108 N. Main Street. Above the door of the remodeled building were the
words, framed in brick, 'Easterday Funeral Services'.
In 1933 William R. Easterday, son of the founder, came to Culver from Plainfield, Indiana. From Jan 1, 1936, until the death of the elder Mr. Easterday on Dec.
31, 1946, the father and son were partners in the funeral home operation. After the death of his father on Dec. 31, 1946, Bill became owner-operator of the
firm.  Another son of the founder, Chester Easterday, operated a funeral home at Logansport until retiring in the fall of 1950.
Bill's wife, Hildreth, wrote of the funeral home days:
"My husband, whose father was W. S. Easterday, funeral director at Culver, took a leave of absence from the Boys School where he worked to attend
embalming college in Indianapolis. He passed the state board examination  and on June 6, 1933 we moved to Culver where he joined his father in
operating the funeral home. We lived in an apartment on the second floor of the funeral home. I helped in the office and assisted with the funeral work unti Bill's
retirement in 1962."
The business went through a few more changes in ownership and names to become the current Odom Funeral Home.
As we celebrate 125 years in operation this year, we honor Sam's vision and commitment to serving families. Our promise is to commit ourselves to helping
families create meaningful ceremonies that share the life stories of your loved ones for future generations.
Greg, Karen, and Andrew Odom
Celebrating 125 Years Of Service